Linentech Mat Rentals & Dust Control Features

Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry

If you are in the mat rental business, your operations couldn’t be made easier than what LinenTech offers. We provide automation at its finest for all your recurring order needs. Some of the key features which LinenTech offers for the mat rental business are:

  • Driver Mobile App
  • Pick up and Delivery Tracking
  • Route optimization for drivers
  • Orders tracking(Repeat Orders or On Demand Orders)
  • Items Tracking using Barcodes or RFID
  • Complex Billing Options
  • Customer Portal and Mobile App
  • Bill for Linen Losses and Replacements

LinenTech Pricing

Linentech has a hassle free monthly subscription pricing model. There are no long term contracts, neither any hefty setup and hardware costs associated. Not only that through LinenTech's flexible pricing structure, you only pay subscription charges for the features that you use.

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