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Commercial Laundry Billing and Inventory Management

Commercial and industrial laundries clean large amounts of linen on daily basis. For a typical industrial laundry this amount can go up to tens of thousands of LBS per day. Although some large scale organizations like big hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, universities use On Premises Laundry (OPL), most businesses use Centralized contract laundries for their linen laundering needs. Contract laundries that launder fabrics from other businesses are typically called industrial laundries or commercial laundries. Industrial laundries such as these also rent their own linen products to the customers. Mostly the rental linen services are provided by industrial laundries to hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

A lot of times industrial laundries are processing a combination of goods, that is customer owned items as well as rental items for their clients. Customer owned items are typically billed by weight, unless they are items that require special handling in which case they are billed by piece. Rental items are almost always billed by piece. This makes inventory management and billing particularly complex. Laundries have to pay special attention when billing for a combination of items as they have to be billed by weight, rental item price and specialty item price. Special attention also has to be paid when sorting the incoming and outgoing linen, so that customer owned goods are not mixed with the laundry owned rental items. Only the rental items should be added back to the inventory, when checked in.

Although there are now a number of RFID solutions available for item handling and inventory management, they all have their limitations. Most of the traditional laundries still resort to manual item sorting and inventory management. However, now with advanced laundry management software like Linen Tech, both linen inventory management and customer billing has become really simple. Linen Tech allows its users to set up customer billing by assigning rental, specialty and "bill by weight" items to each client. Also, when checking in the items, Linen Tech automatically detects the kind of item that is being checked hence updating the inventory automatically.


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