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We’re Back from the Future

and we’re ready to take commercial laundries with us.

When we started, the world was at the cusp of change. There was talk of electric cars reshaping transportation, cosmic advancements in agri tech leading to greater sustainability and water purification techniques making clean drinking water accessible for everyone.  The future seemed bright until we placed a bulk order for linen.

Plagued with inefficiencies, miscalculations and cost overruns, we knew the one industry that cried change. Commercial laundry management.

Enter LinenTech

A commercial laundry automation software that’s become a mainstay for businesses worldwide.

A comprehensive suite of laundry management tools clubbed into one software. Letting you manage everything from linen pickups and deliveries, to shipping and receiving, automated accounting processes, RFID counting and more.

From start to final delivery and back, LinenTech is here to rescue commercial laundries stuck in the past and make room for a smooth landing into the future.

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The World is Changing. So Why Not You?

Efficiency Boost
Plus Cost Savings
Faster Turnaround time
More Productivity

And It’s Been Quite a Ride!

Message From the CEO

Your laundry expert by day, tech wizard by night – I'm Adnan, the CEO of LinenTech. My journey has been quite a wash cycle: from an enthusiastic entrepreneur to a seasoned businessman with over fifteen years of tech and management experience. But don't let the formal jargon fool you; my code is as smooth as my stand-up routine (though my dev team might argue that it's the other way around!).

I've roamed the tech plains, working as a middleware analyst and IT consultant for some high-fliers, such as Freddie Mac, Savvis, and a little car company you might've heard of – BMW of North America. But the siren call of entrepreneurship was too loud (and persistent) to ignore.

So I started LinenTech, a SaaS that’s been cleaning up in the industrial and commercial laundry market. Not to brag, but we're currently one of the fastest-growing SaaS solution providers globally, making waves from Australia to Zanzibar. With our customer base spread across four continents, we like to think of ourselves as the ‘Tide Pods’ of the software world – small, effective, and revolutionizing the way people think about laundry.

And if you're wondering, yes, my favorite superhero is Iron Man, but only because "Laundry Man" doesn't exist...yet.

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