Maximize Uptime & Equipment Longevity with EquipMate

Reduce costly breakdowns by streamlining your laundry’s equipment maintenance processes. Enable automatic monitoring and resolution of maintenance tasks in real-time. Run operations smoothly and efficiently with the right insights and tools.

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Why Use a Preventive Equipment Maintenance Software?

Unexpected machine breakdowns, interruptions, and outages severely disrupt your operations. The question is, can you prevent them? With EquipMate, you don't leave things to chance. You predict, save, protect, and reap the rewards. Now, let's talk numbers.

Predictive Maintenance Saves Up To 40% More Money Than Reactive Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance Costs Up to 10 X More Than Regular Maintenance

Poor Maintenance Can Reduce Your Company’s Production Capacity Up To 20%

Comprehensive Equipment Status Overview

View summaries of all machinery, pending tasks, recent activity, and urgent notifications through Eagle View to ensure a holistic understanding of your equipment's status.

Assign and Execute Maintenance with Ease

Schedule, assign, manage and track recurring or one-off maintenance tasks via EquipMate's calendar view. Trigger automatic reminder notifications to assigned technicians as scheduled dates approach.

Minimize Downtime across the Board

Monitor present health and past maintenance activities of key equipment. Get accurate suggestions with predictive insights into future maintenance cycles. Extend equipment longevity by up to 40% to minimize downtime.

Make Responsible Decisions Driven by Data

Get quick and accurate insights into equipment health, maintenance costs, and potential issues to empower informed decision-making for optimal performance.

Report Issues On the Go

Get quick and accurate insights into equipment health, maintenance costs, and potential issues to empower informed decision-making for optimal performance.

Never Run Short on Critical Spares

View and manage spare parts inventory seamlessly through our CMMS software to ensure quick identification and access to essential components. Plan your spare parts inventory procurements based on ideal inventory thresholds.


Preventive maintenance is our core. But there’s more to EquipMate.

Instant Equipment Inventory Access

Access equipment details instantly, including purchase date, warranty info, model number, and type to streamline inventory management for efficient resource planning.

Vendor and Contract Management

Manage contacts and contracts for equipment vendors, parts suppliers, and maintenance providers to foster efficient collaboration, and service agreements.

Centralized Documentation Hub

Store and access documentation for each machine with a simple click. Create a centralized knowledge hub for technical staff to access at all times when resolving complex issues related to machinery.

Role-Based Access and Data Security

Implement limited access based on role type to ensure data security and privacy. Ensure protection against data loss with data securely backed up on cloud.

Get Hands-on and Experience Simplicity

Whether you're transitioning from manual paper processes or another CMMS, switching to EquipMate is seamless. Begin your preventative journey today, invite your teams, and experience how effortlessly they adapt.

  • Start with a free trial.
  • Invite your team.
  • Effortlessly create and assign maintenance tasks.
  • Streamline management of maintenance-related activities.
  • Experience minimized downtime, reduced costs and longer equipment lifespan!
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