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Welcome to LinenTech, the user-friendly, cloud-based software trusted by commercial and industrial laundries worldwide. Our cutting-edge technology automates and optimizes laundry processes, reducing costs and boosting profitability. From managing Linen Shipping and Receiving to route management, billing and invoicing, and client management, LinenTech covers all your needs. With 24-hour phone support, an easy-to-learn system, endless customization options ↗ and a one-month free trial, getting started with LinenTech is a breeze.

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mobile application

Dedicated Mobile App for Laundry Managers

The LinenTech Manager app is the quintessential tool for boosting efficiency, enhancing productivity, and minimizing costs in your commercial laundry or linen rentals business. With real-time data access, it becomes indispensable for managing your operations on-the-go.

Utilize LinenTech Manager for immediate access to linen shipping and receiving reports, route management, billing, and cost control. Real-time updates empower you to make informed, data-driven decisions, enhancing your operations significantly.

Send invoices and key reports directly from your device and stay updated with live notifications about linen pick-up, drop-off, and dispatch. Analyze essential reports within the app to optimize resources, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

mobile application

Dedicated Mobile App for Laundry Drivers

With the LinenTech Driver's app, operators can now view daily pickup and delivery schedules for the routes assigned to them, check packing list by each customer, get delivery and pickup manifests signed on their mobile device, email signed delivery manifests to customers from their phone, have laundry managers track the exact time of linen pickup, delivery and more! So why wait? Unleash a world of seamless operations and unparalleled efficiency with LinenTech today!

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Integrate with Leading Accounting Software

Integrate top accounting APIs such as XERO, Square, Sage, and more to fasttrack your accounting processes. LinenTech’s compatibility enables you to seamlessly synchronize invoices, payments and transactions, reduce manual data entry and minimize accounting errors with integrations you're most comfortable with. Moreover, you can make accurate and real-time financial reporting and efficient bookkeeping a reality, while also empowering your businesses to make informed decisions based on up-to-date financial data.

RFID Integrations For Seamless Processing

Experience the game-changing power of DataMars RFID integration by LinenTech. Say goodbye to manual counting and hello to automated linen scanning. With RFID technology, each linen batch is instantly counted, ensuring accuracy, time savings, and minimal inventory loss. Seamlessly integrated, LinenTech's RFID solution optimizes operations, enhances accuracy, and unlocks your laundry's full potential. Embrace the future of efficient linen management with LinenTech and DataMars RFID integration.

Employee Management & Productivity Tracking

Unlock the power of employee management and performance tracking with LinenTech's seamless API integration. Harness the capabilities of software giants like Homebase and SwipeClock to simplify attendance management. Empower your employees to effortlessly check in and out using their mobile devices. Track time, measure productivity per hour, and conduct per hour cost analysis to optimize processes and boost productivity.

The Most Accurate Linen Sorting Integrations Enabled

Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to streamlined operations. By partnering with industry leaders like Kannegiesser and Wilgengroep, we deliver lightning-fast and accurate linen sorting capabilities. Now you can track and store process data in real-time, derive valuable insights and generate accurate sorting reports. Furthermore, you can easily track misplaced or missing items, optimize your inventory management, and achieve new levels of efficiency through automation.

Gauge Productivity with PPOH Reporting Integration

Unlock transformational efficiency in your commercial laundry with the power of Google Drive integration and LinenTech. Calculate Poundage per operating hour and measure employee productivity seamlessly. Automate data collection, storage, and analysis, eliminate manual efforts and reduce errors via Drive. Gain real-time access to comprehensive reports that empower you to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and maximize productivity like never before.