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Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry.

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Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry.

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    LinenTech is a comprehensive management software solution for commercial and industrial laundries serving hotel industry. Whether you are processing customer-owned linens, or renting your own linens to the hotels, LinenTech is the right solution for you. Some of the key features include

    • Shipping & Receiving Management
    • Billing Invoices & Other Funancials
    • Order Management & Linen Rental
    • Pickup & Deliveries Management
    • Rewash, Rejects, Reclaim and Discards Tracking
    • Route Management & Optimization
    • Customized Production and Financial Reporting
    • PPOH and Labour Cost Tracking
    • LinenTech Manager App
    • LinenTech Driver's App
    • Customization Options
    • Laundry's Customer Portal & Mobile App
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    F & B Restaurants

    LinenTech is a complete software solution for laundries focused on Linen Rentals Business for Food and Beverage Industry. If you are in the Linen Rentals or Linen Hire business LinenTech is the perfect software solution for you. With LinenTech you can save your customer orders (one time or recurring), fill and deliver orders as per customer requirements, create delivery manifests, invoices etc. With LinenTech’s order management system you have access to following key features.

    • Set up Recurring Orders, or allow customers to place orders through website.
    • Mobile App (Tablet/Phone/PC) to enter and fulfill all your customer orders
    • Set inventory par levels for your customers.
    • Bill for inventory par or actual quantities delivered.
    • Using the mobile app, Fill orders, generate delivery manifests and invoices.
    • Electronic proof of service with signature capture on manifests and invoices
    • Set minimum billable item quantities.
    • Preset item replacement charges.
    • Post any additional charges/discounts to delivery manifests/invoices.
    • View your daily packing report by route/customer.
    • Set your production plan based on customer orders.
    • View your daily route settlement report.
    • Customer portal designed for your customers to enter orders directly in the system.
    • Get live updates on the status of each customer order.
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    Healthcare Laundries

    LinenTech Health is a cloud based software system that can be used by healthcare facilities for better internal tracking of its Linen distribution across multiple departments. The system can also be used as an integrated platform with LinenTech Commercial Laundry Management System. With the integrated system hospitals or clinics daily Linen requirement is tracked and processed by Commercial Laundry. Hospitals and Clinics can place order with the laundry based on the Linen utilization.

    • Mobile apps for inventory managers to track Linen utilization and place orders with commercial laundry as per the requirement.
    • Commercial laundries can track orders placed by their healthcare customers, process and deliver them.
    • Integrated Billing and Invoicing system for commercial laundries.
    • Cost Center for hospitals to monitor their cost changes compared with their Linen utilization.
    • Set Inventory Par Levels for each hospital department.
    • Monitor Linen utilization across various departments.
    • Use Exchange carts or restock par levels.
    • Place the required quantity orders with Commercial laundry.
    • Comprehensive tracking of Soil/Clean linen weight.
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LinenTech is a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software.

The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

LinenTech software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more.

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Linentech Advantage

Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry.

Save Time and Money

Know exactly where you can improve you operational performance. We do the hard work for you so you can focus where it counts.

One Stop Shop

Why use and pay for five different software's when you can manage everything through one.

Reliability & Security

No need to backup your data when it is all saved on our highly secure and reliable servers.

Live Data Anytime Anywhere

Get live updates, data feeds and reports on your phone. Run your laundry from wherever you are.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for what you use. Why pay for features and reports that you do not require?

24/7 Customer Support

New to LinenTech? Need to train a new team member? Found a bug in the sysytem? We are here to assist you every step of the way.


LinenTech Smart App

Manage your laundry through
your phone

With the LinenTech Smart mobile app for managers, you can now have access to all the key laundry data and reports on your mobile device. Real-time data including soil counts, shipment reports, inventory levels, processing reports, orders management, weight reconciliation, rewash, invoices, receivables, etc. are now at your fingertips with the LinenTech Mobile App.

With LinenTech Smart, now you can also email invoices, manifests, and other key reports to your customers from your mobile device. The manager also gets live notifications on various activities like linen pickup, drop off, dispatch, etc.​
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Driver App

With LinenTech’s Driver app, the laundry drivers have access to various features that help laundry managers streamline and optimise their pick up and delivery operations. They software also covers multiple key requirements for Linen Rentals business... Read More

LinenTech Pricing

Linentech has a hassle free monthly subscription pricing model. There are no long term contracts, neither any hefty setup and hardware costs associated. Not only that through LinenTech's flexible pricing structure, you only pay subscription charges for the features that you use.

Our Team

LinenTech team comprises of laundry industry veterans along with a dynamic group of software developers, interface designers, database admins and quality assurance analysts. Although we all come from diverse backgrounds and we all have different skill sets, we get together as a team because we rely on each other’s experience to make LinenTech a perfect laundry management software solution.

Clients Testimonials

Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry.

  • "Customizing each tracking and billing experience for each account using Linen Tech has benefitted our customer’s needs and wants immensely. The team at Linen Tech is open to customizing every commercial laundry partner’s experience. We are very thankful for the time and dedication they share with with us in constantly improving our production needs."

    Steven Rudick
    Clean & Fresh

  • "Since we have switched over to Linen Tech it has been night and day for productivity as a company. Tracking linen and billing is a seamless experience that works well with all of our operational needs."

    Matt Moss
    Mastel linens

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