PPOH & Labor Cost Tracking for Commercial Laundries

Make accurate cost/benefit analysis, gauge employee productivity and manage labor costs with smart insights.

The KPIs You Need For Maximum Productivity

Poundage Processed Per Operating Hour (PPOH) and labor cost per piece/per pound are key performance indicators (KPIs) in the commercial laundry industry. They help you with operational efficiency, bench marking, capacity planning, cost control, workforce management, maintenance planning and investment decisions. With LinenTech you have this data at your fingertips.

PPOH & Labor Cost

Gauge Productivity, Slash Unwanted Costs

  • Gain instant insights into operational efficiency by enabling PPOH and labor cost tracking in real-time.
  • Get real-time data on both key performance indicators.
  • Set bench marks and receive alerts if the productivity is going low or if costs are going up.
  • Enable precise cost management by allocating labor costs accurately to each department

PPOH & Labor Cost

Make Data-Driven Decisions a Habit

  • Achieve the ability to analyze trends by generating detailed reports
  • Maintain a historical record of data to facilitate trend analysis.
  • View stored data in visually appealing dashboards and charts for easy interpretation and actionable insights.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and enhance productivity by effectively tracking PPOH and labor costs analysis

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