Dedicated Laundry App for Managers

Seamlessly track and monitor inventory, employees, revenue, and assign tasks with an all-inclusive app. Catch live updates, notifications, and driver locations like a pro.

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Never Miss a Beat With LinenTech’s Manager App

Real-time Data Access: Stay ahead in the fast-paced business environment with the app's real-time data access, making timely and effective decisions.

Live Updates: Stay informed with live notifications about vital activities such as linen pick-up, drop-off, and dispatch, enabling proactive management.

Streamlined Communication: Send invoices, manifests, and crucial reports to your customers directly from your mobile device, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Mobile Management: The app enables you to manage shipping, receiving reports, route management, and more right from your mobile device, giving you control no matter where you are.

Generate comprehensive reports on productivity, inventory, and finances for data-driven decision-making.

Optimize resource usage, minimize wastage, and streamline operations for maximum productivity.

Comprehensive Reporting: Access soil counts, shipment reports, linen rental orders, inventory levels, and other crucial data points all within the app for thorough business analysis.

Access customer information, manage orders, track service requests, and streamline communication to provide excellent customer service.

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Check out our full suite of features making commercial laundries fast, efficient and seamless.

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