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System Integration and Usage

LinenTech Health is designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of linen management in healthcare facilities.

  • Versatile Integration: The system can be used as a standalone solution for healthcare facilities or integrated with the LinenTech Commercial Laundry Management System.
  • Order Placement: Healthcare facilities can place the required quantity of linen orders with Commercial Laundry based on linen utilization data.
  • Inventory Tracking: Mobile apps enable inventory managers to easily monitor linen use and place orders with commercial laundries as per the need.
  • Order Processing: Commercial laundries can track orders placed by their healthcare customers, process them efficiently and deliver them on time.


Inventory and Utilization Management

LinenTech Health helps in maintaining optimal linen inventory and effective monitoring of utilization.

  • Inventory Par Levels: Set inventory par levels for each hospital department to avoid shortages and excesses.
  • Department-wise Monitoring: Keep an eye on linen utilization across various departments to identify trends and anomalies.
  • Exchange Cart or Restock: Choose to use exchange carts or restock par levels to manage your linen supply efficiently.
  • Weight Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of Soil/Clean linen weight helps in maintaining quality standards.


Financial Management and Cost Monitoring

LinenTech Health also provides tools for financial management and cost monitoring, thus promoting financial efficiency.

  • Integrated Billing: The system comes with an integrated billing and invoicing system for commercial laundries, simplifying the payment process.
  • Cost Center: Hospitals can establish a cost center to monitor cost changes compared with their linen utilization, enabling better financial planning and cost control.
Industries Served

Effective Linen Management Scaled to Fit Your Industry

Healthcare Laundries

Keep internal track of complete Linen distribution across multiple departments. Our cloud based software gives you maximum visibility and control over your linen processing, from your hospital to the commercial laundry and back.


Laundries Servicing Hotels

Whether you’re a hotel processing linen in-house or renting it out to commercial laundries, our cloud-based software takes care of every aspect - from Linen tracking to weight processing, financial reporting and measuring worker productivity, every info is just a touch away.


Mat Rentals & Dust Control

Automate all your complex daily tasks, from recurring orders management and route optimization to complex billing, invoicing and more, LinenTech provides a suite of customized features for your Mat Rental & Dust control business.


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