Linentech F&B, Restaurants Features

Effective linen management scaled to fit your industry

LinenTech is a complete software solution for laundries focused on Linen Rentals Business for Food and Beverage Industry. If you are in the Linen Rentals or Linen Hire business LinenTech is the perfect software solution for you. With LinenTech you can save your customer orders (one time or recurring), fill and deliver orders as per customer requirements, create delivery manifests, invoices etc. With LinenTech’s order management system you have access to following key features.

  • Allow your customers to place orders through your website.
  • Mobile App (Tablet/Phone/PC) to enter and fulfill all your customer orders
  • Set inventory par levels for your customers.
  • Set one time or recurring orders for your customers.
  • Create delivery routes for your drivers.
  • Use LinenTech Driver App(link) with extensive set of features.
  • Using the mobile app, create delivery manifests and invoices on customer location based on the actual item quantity delivered.
  • Bill your customers on par level quantities or actual quantities delivered.
  • Set minimum billable item quantities.
  • Preset item replacement charges.
  • Pre-bill your customer and allow your driver to edit invoice at the customer location, in case of a change in item quantity delivered or any additional charges/discounts.
  • Allow your drivers to post payments against the invoices.
  • View your daily payments received reports.
  • View the daily delivery schedule for each route using your mobile app.
  • Post any additional charges/discounts to delivery manifests/invoices.
  • View your daily packing report by route/customer.
  • Set your production plan based on customer orders.
  • Electronic proof of service with signature capture on manifests and invoices.
  • View your daily route settlement report.
  • Customer portal designed for your customers to enter orders directly in the system.
  • Get live updates on the status of each customer order.

LinenTech Pricing

Linentech has a hassle free monthly subscription pricing model. There are no long term contracts, neither any hefty setup and hardware costs associated. Not only that through LinenTech's flexible pricing structure, you only pay subscription charges for the features that you use.

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