360° Automation Software for Commercial Laundries Servicing Hotels

Automate inefficient processes, manage all logistics via dedicated apps, track production and finances along with gaining max visibility through accurate insights, reporting and more.

Unlock Boundless Efficiency via Automation

Discover the power of LinenTech for commercial laundries servicing hotels


Production Management

  • Production Planning and Tracking: Enhances operational efficiency by scheduling tasks and monitoring real-time production progress.
  • Linen Tracking: Keeps track of all linens, reducing loss and ensuring proper inventory management.
  • Shipping and Receiving Management: Streamlines the process of dispatching orders and receiving incoming laundry loads.
  • Rewash, Reclaim, and Discarded Linen Tracking: Offers detailed tracking for rewash, reclaim, and discarded linens, ensuring nothing is overlooked.


Route Optimization

  • Efficient Pick Up and Delivery Management: Streamlines the process of pick up and delivery, enhancing reliability and speed of service.
  • Route Optimization: Uses smart algorithms to devise the most efficient routes for pick up and delivery, saving time and fuel costs.
  • Pick Up & Delivery Event Tracking: Monitors each event during pick up and delivery, providing valuable data for review and further optimization.


Financial and Production Analytics

  • Billing Invoices & Other Financials: Streamlines the financial process by managing all your billing, invoicing and other financial transactions efficiently.
  • Customized Production and Financial Reporting: Provides tailor-made reports, giving you a comprehensive view of your production and financial status.
  • PPOH (Pounds Per Operator Hour) and Labour Cost Tracking: Enables accurate monitoring of labor efficiency and costs, facilitating strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Rewash, Rejects, Reclaim, and Discards Tracking: Offers detailed tracking of linen rewash, rejects, reclaims, and discards, assisting in waste reduction and cost management.


Applications and Customization

  • LinenTech Manager App: A dedicated application providing a control panel for managers to oversee and manage operations efficiently.
  • LinenTech Driver's App: A specialized application designed for drivers to facilitate efficient pick-ups, deliveries, and real-time tracking.
  • Customization Options: The platform provides flexibility to tailor features as per your business needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your operations.
  • Laundry's Customer Portal & Mobile App: A user-friendly interface for your customers to place orders, track progress, and interact with your services, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

We’re Changing the Commercial Laundry Landscape for Good

Healthcare Laundries

Keep internal track of complete Linen distribution across multiple departments. Our cloud based software gives you maximum visibility and control over your linen processing, from your hospital to the commercial laundry and back.


Laundries Servicing Hotels

Whether you’re a hotel processing linen in-house or renting it out to commercial laundries, our cloud-based software takes care of every aspect - from Linen tracking to weight processing, financial reporting and measuring worker productivity, every info is just a touch away.


Mat Rentals & Dust Control

Automate all your complex daily tasks, from recurring orders management and route optimization to complex billing, invoicing and more, LinenTech provides a suite of customized features for your Mat Rental & Dust control business.


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