Shipping & Receiving of Linen, Simplified

Make shipping and receiving processes fast, flexible and transparent with LinenTech.

Manage Incoming and Outgoing Linen with Ease

Introducing an all-in-one solution to revolutionize your linen shipping and receiving processes. With our cutting-edge commercial laundry software, you can streamline operations, ensuring speed, flexibility, and transparency on every moving cart. Easily track incoming soil, generate automated manifests, maintain complete shipment records and more! Experience efficiency and productivity like never before. Sign up for LinenTech today and transform your shipping and receiving operations from your fingertips.

Shipping Management

Accurately Track Incoming Soil

  • Use a web-based system to track soiled linen items and linen weight received from customers
  • Print bin tickets based on the items/weight of each cart received
  • Integrate it with an external scale for error-free weight entry (Manual weight entry is also supported)

Shipping Management

Outgoing Shipment Tracking

  • Use an interactive shipping dashboard to keep track of every shipment sent to the customer.
  • Maintain a complete record of items and weights processed and shipped to your customers.
  • Key in each cart's data (items & weight) through an easy-to-use touch-screen interface.
  • Get weight directly from the scale or enter it manually in the system.
  • Reconcile your soil versus clean linen weight for each customer to calculate the variance.

Receiving Management

Generate Automated Manifests

  • Create automated shipping and receiving receipts for every cart.
  • Generate shipping and receiving manifests based on the cart's data.
  • Create delivery manifests to go out with each shipment.
  • Print a copy of the manifest or simply get it signed on your phone/tablet and email it to your customer.

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