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Streamline Linen Delivery: Route, Track and Communicate

Manage Your Linen Logistics on the Go

Streamline Linen Delivery Processes with Route Management, Tracking, and Real-time Communication. Simplify and optimize your linen pickup and delivery operations with features like efficient route planning, GPS tracking, delivery validation, time-stamped documentation, and instant notifications. Enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency with the powerful functionalities of the LinenTech Driver App.

Driver App

Delivery Route Management and Location Tracking

  • Create routes and schedule linen pickup and delivery for each route.
  • Efficiently navigate through routes and optimize deliveries via GPS tracking.
  • Assign drivers to specific delivery routes.
  • Driver can easily view his pick up and delivery schedule/map for the day
  • Track the time linen was dropped off and picked up from the customer
  • Generate packing reports for each delivery route.
  • Always know the exact location of your drivers on the manager app.

Driver App

Pick-Up and Delivery Process

  • At pickup, drivers can scan or tally the number of carts/bags being collected.
  • Prior to delivery, drivers can validate carts/bags against a system-generated load sheet to prevent missing linens.
  • At drop-off, drivers may need to scan delivered carts/bags, ensuring the correct customer receives their linen.
  • Document delivery events with a time-stamped, geo-tagged photo.
  • Alternatively, secure a digital signature from the customer on the delivery manifest or invoice.
  • Email signed copy of the digital signature or photo from the app

Driver App

Real-time Communication

  • Send system-generated SMS notifications to customers when linen leaves the plant.
  • Send drivers live notifications with any instructions on change of route or anything else.
  • Leave temporary or permanent notes for the driver with daily or long term instructions.
  • Receive system-generated SMS notifications when the driver picks up carts from the customer's location.
  • Get complete details on the number of carts picked up and their pickup time.

Driver App

Linen Rentals

  • Add any new change requests on the customer behalf.
  • Modify or update delivered quantities as per customer requirement.
  • Receive payment from the customer.
  • Update delivery manifest or invoice through the app (if authorized by admin)

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