Track Linen Rewash, Rejects, Reclaims & Discards Seamlessly

Efficiently monitor every aspect of laundry items that are stained, rejected, discarded, or need rewashing.

Always Stay in the Loop with 24/7 Smart Monitoring

Effortlessly track rewashes, rejects, reclaims, and discards while maintaining a complete item history and generating comprehensive reports. Streamline your workflow, integrate with inventory management systems, and receive real-time alerts and notifications for optimized operations with LinenTech. Catch the full list of features below.

Rewash, Rejects, Reclaim & Discard Tracking

Reporting Flexibility

  • Maintain a complete history of items and their weight.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics.
  • Automate the workflow for handling items.
  • Ensure proper documentation, segregation, and disposal procedures.

Rewash, Rejects, Reclaim & Discard Tracking

Analyze & Track with Ease

  • Integrate the tracking module with the linen inventory management system to update inventory levels.
  • Charge separate prices for rewashed/stained items.
  • Analyze the quantity and cost over time.

Rewash, Rejects, Reclaim & Discard Tracking

Instant Alerts & Notifications

  • Receive alerts when a certain threshold for discards is reached
  • Set up notifications and alerts for specific events.
  • Receive real-time inventory modification alerts.

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