Cart Management & Linen Tracking

Linen Tech's easy to use touch screen interface allows you to enter outgoing and incoming carts data through few clicks of a button. The intuitive... view details

Billing, Invoicing & Other Financials

Completely automate accounting, billing and invoicing system for your laundry through Linen Tech Financials. Linen Tech allows you to maintain... view details

Orders Management

Linen Tech allows you to create and save one time or recurring orders for your customers. With Linen Tech you can keep a full track of your daily, weekly or monthly delivery schedule... view details

Comparative Reporting

With Linen Tech you can do a comprative analysis of your key laundry data. This time bound analysis gives you a complemete snapshot of where you are doing good... view details

Inventory Management / Rental Linen

Minimize your linen losses by using Linen Tech's inventory manager. Maintain a complete track of all your incoming and outgoing linen... view details

Production Reports & Productivity Tracking

Linen Techs Production Management module allows you to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your production process. It enables you... view details

Custom Reporting for all Departments

The core focus of Linen Tech is to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your laundry. With Linen Tech's extensive customized reporting... view details

Advance Laundry Employee Scheduling

Set up your weekly employee schedules in advance with Linen Tech employee manager. Reduce the time it takes to schedule your staff... view details


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Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software.

The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

Linen Tech software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions


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Third question is about some of the app's features and their impact on business performance?

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Linen Tech Advantage

Save Time & Money

Know exactly where you can improve you operational performance. We do the hard work for you so you can focus where it counts.

One Stop Shop

Why use and pay for five different software's when you can manage everything through one.

Reliability & Security

No need to backup your data when it is all saved on our highly secure and reliable servers.

Live Data Anytime Anywhere

Get live updates, data feeds and reports on your phone. Run your laundry from wherever you are.

Flexible Pricing

Only pay for what you use. Why pay for features and reports that you do not require?

24/7 Customer Support

New to Linen Tech? Need to train a new team member? Found a bug in the sysytem? We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Linen Tech Smart

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Manage your laundry through
your phone

With Linen Tech Smart app, you have all the key laundry data on your finger tips. Reports ranging from soil counts, shipment reports, inventory levels, revenue/expenses to your daily machine utilization and employee productivity you can literally get a complete snapshot your laundry through a few clicks of button.

Smart alerts like machine down time etc, rising labor cost per pound etc. help you make key stretigic decisions on the go. With Linen Tech smart phone app you can also keep a track of your delivery schedule.

It allows you to get the delivery manifest signed on your phone and email the invoices directly to your customers.


Linen tech has a hassle free monthly subscription pricing model. There are no long term contracts, neither any hefty setup and hardware costs associated. Not only that through Linen Tech's flexible pricing structure, you only pay subscription charges for the features that you use.

Our Team

Linen Tech team comprises of laundry industry veterans along with a dynamic group of software developers, interface designers, database admins and quality assurance analysts. Although we all come from diverse backgrounds and we all have different skill sets, we gel together as a team because we rely on each other’s experience to make Linen Tech a perfect laundry management software solution.



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