Laundry Management Software

Commercial Laundry Software - Linen Tech

  • Cloud based laundry management software
  • Incoming and outgoing shipment tracking
  • Complete linen inventory management
  • Comprehensive production and productivity tracking
  • Billing invoicing and other financials
  • Daily activity summary for all laundry operations
  • Indepth customized reporting for all departments
  • Different software access levels for managers, supervisors, employees etc.
  • 100% Free Tech Support for one year.
  • Customization possible to meet your unique laundry requirements.

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Commercial Laundry Software

Laundry Management Software - Linen Tech

Linen Tech is a comprehensive large and medium scale industrial and commercial laundry operations management software. The software completely simplifies management operations of laundries serving hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries. Linen Tech software is really a one stop shop for a laundry’s client management, billing and financials, production control, inventory management, productivity tracking, record keeping and much more. Read More

Cart Management & Linen Tracking

Linen Tech's cart & linen tracking module enables you to create and track incoming and outgoing carts on daily basis. The cart details include customer information, item list, cart net weight, cart number, shipping date and other relevant cart information... view features

Inventory Management / Rental Linen

Minimize your linen losses by using Linen Tech's inventory manager. Maintain a complete track of all your incoming and outgoing linen. Linen Tech's customized reporting module lets you monitor current inventory level for each one of your products along with the... view features

Billing, Invoicing & Other Financials

Completely automate accounting, billing and invoicing system for your laundry through Linen Tech Financials. Linen Tech allows you to maintain a completely separate set of prices for all your customers. You can bill your clients by linen weight, by item quantity... view features

Production Reports & Productivity Tracking

Linen Techs Production Management module allows you to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your production process. It enables you to keep track of all your production facility activities. The module gives you... view features

Custom Reporting for all Departments

The core focus of Linen Tech is to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your laundry. With Linen Tech's extensive customized reporting, managers can make calculated decisions when it comes to cost and time saving and improving the overall operations of... view features

Laundry Employee Scheduling

Set up your weekly employee schedules in advance with Linen Tech employee manager. Reduce the time it takes to schedule your staff to minutes. Get rid of any possible shift overlaps, avoid human error and create immaculate daily, weekly or monthly time sheets. Avoid... view features

What Clients Say

Raja Younas

I started using Linen Tech on one my laundries and in less than a year I have implemented it across all the branches. A very simple to use software that brings all the information you need to your finger tips.

Raja Younas, CEO Premier Luandries
Mark Adward

Greatly impressed by the support provided by Linen Tech team, and the fact they have customized their software to meet our individual requirements is fantastic. All in all a great software to manage various laundry operations.

Mark Adward, Manager Hygiene Luandry
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