Integrate RFID Linen Tracking Technology Seamlessly

Automate identification and counts of linen with LinenTech’s RFID Linen Tracking System. Fastrack bulk linen counts, maintain optimum linen inventory thresholds and boost processing efficiency like never before.

Inventory Tracking Accuracy
Lower Operational Costs
Increase in productivity
Laundry Cost Savings

What is RFID Linen Tracking Technology?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an innovative tech that automates linen identification and inventory tracking using small RFID laundry tags or labels equipped with unique identification codes. These tags communicate with a centralized RFID Laundry Management system, allowing you to identify, sort and count soil and clean linen accurately within seconds.

How RFID Integrates with Your Commercial Laundry

  • Embed RFID Tags in Linens

    Seamlessly integrate RFID laundry tags into each linen item for comprehensive tracking.

  • Automated Bulk Linen Scanning & Counts

    Utilize RFID antennas for automatic bulk scanning of linens on both the dirty and clean sides.

  • Data Transmission to LinenTech

    Enable RFID antennas to transmit collected data directly to LinenTech.

  • Power Informed Decision Making

    Gain accurate insights on clean and dirty linen counts and usage patterns by each customer. Optimize inventory management, and power informed decisions via in-depth analytics

Benefits of Integrating LinenTech RFID

Automatic Linen Counting

Instantly count your linens effortlessly using RFID technology, barcodes or scanning.

Ensure Billing Accuracy

Maintain a clear record of linens with RFID technology. Ensure seamless tracking and billing accuracy in your operations.

Customer-Focused Monitoring

Gain insights into customer usage patterns, ensuring tailored attention to their linen requirements and preferences.

Automatic Reordering

Ensure your linen inventory is always replenished with our automatic reordering feature, eliminating the risk of running low on stock.

Precise Stock Management

Precisely track your linens at all times and be informed on how they are being managed.


Ditch those clunky spreadsheets. Contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly laundry process by minimizing paper waste and headaches.

From Soil Linen To Final Delivery -
RFID Makes Inventory Management Easy

  • Collect linen from the customer.
  • Put linen in bulk through RFID scanner. Ability to view item counts by customer.
  • Track Linen as it progresses through various stages of production.
  • Utilize RFID in storage of clean linen to monitor precise inventory levels.
  • Ensure accurate Linen counts during orders packing and dispatch.

Frequently Asked Question

RFID tags on linens and garments allow for easy, automated tracking throughout the commercial laundry process, ensuring efficient management and timely service delivery.

Yes, RFID streamlines operations by enabling quick identification and sorting, leading to faster processing times and reduced labor costs.

An RFID laundry system streamlines operations and boosts inventory control, ensuring precise tracking of linens, garments, and uniforms. This enhanced monitoring capability facilitates improved resource utilization and minimized losses.

Moreover, it automates tasks like sorting, inventory management, and billing, enabling you to optimize workflow and enhance customer service

Enhanced Tracking: RFID enables accurate tracking of all linens and garments, minimizing the risk of misplacement or loss.

Efficient Inventory Management: RFID facilitates real-time inventory updates, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of stock levels and locations.

Loss Prevention: RFID aids in identifying and addressing potential issues promptly, reducing the chances of inventory shrinkage or loss.

Improved Operational Efficiency: RFID streamlines the inventory management process, allowing for smoother operations and reduced manual effort.

Cost Savings: By minimizing losses and improving inventory accuracy, RFID helps reduce unnecessary expenses associated with inventory discrepancies and losses.

RFID technology tracks linen usage and history, ensuring proper laundering methods. This prevents damage and extends linen lifespan. It also identifies damage, allowing timely repairs or removal, improving overall quality and longevity.

Data collected through RFID is protected using secure encryption. Moreover, access is allowed only to certain authorized personnel within your business. This ensures data remains free of unauthorized breaches at all times.

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