A Full Spectrum Uniform Laundry Management Software

Manage every stage of your uniform processing via screen, from incoming carts to final delivery, directly from your uniform laundry management software.

Automation Delivered with Exceptional Precision

Ensure speed, scalability, and unmatched control with robust features

Accounting & Cost Center Monitoring

  • Monitor cost changes in correlation with linen utilization
  • Gain insights into cost centers and identify areas for cost optimization
  • Simplify financial management with an integrated billing and invoicing system.
  • Seamlessly generate invoices based on linen utilization and cost data
  • Third-party software integration

Comprehensive Tracking System

  • Achieve complete visibility into your uniform laundry operations
  • Monitor linen utilization across various departments in real-time
  • Get actual insights into labor costs and PPOH and measure employee productivity to make accurate decisions.

Multifaceted Apps and Dashboards

  • Provides a separate manager app and dashboard for 100% visibility
  • Access to Driver app for route management and optimization
  • Customer portal for easy order placing and tracking

Customization Options For Production and Financial Reporting

  • Create customized production reports and financial statements
  • Tailor the software to your unique business needs with customizable options
  • Design report templates to match your specific requirements and industry standards
  • Generate reports that provide valuable insights into your production processes and financial performance

We’re Changing the Commercial Laundry Landscape for Good

Healthcare Laundries

Keep internal track of complete Linen distribution across multiple departments. Our cloud based software gives you maximum visibility and control over your linen processing, from your hospital to the commercial laundry and back.


Laundries Servicing Hotels

Whether you’re a hotel processing linen in-house or renting it out to commercial laundries, our cloud-based software takes care of every aspect - from Linen tracking to weight processing, financial reporting and measuring worker productivity, every info is just a touch away.


Mat Rentals & Dust Control

Automate all your complex daily tasks, from recurring orders management and route optimization to complex billing, invoicing and more, LinenTech provides a suite of customized features for your Mat Rental & Dust control business.


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